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AMARAN DARI KERAJAAN NH : JANGAN GELAK ! (senyum takpe), hihii

1. Listen to her. (Not mean you are walking while holding her pocket, but it's called "Respectful".

2. Tell the truth. (Tell her everything, even though you did something good or bad on her behind)

3. Be considerate. (Recognize when she needs you to be there for her and when she needs to be alone).

4. Return her calls. (Unless she specifies that you don't need to call her back, BUT it's good to get back to her when your girlfriend calls you.)

5. Defend her. (If someone is teasing her take her side or no side).

6. Respect her. (Remember than your girlfriend is not you "property." Be mindful of her opinions and desires, even if they differ from your own).

7. Make her feel special.

8. Make her laugh. This doesn't mean that you should tell corny jokes at every opportunity. Know what kind of humor she likes. If she's upset, try and cheer her up (without being crass).

9. Compliment her.

10. Don't take her for granted. Keep in mind that she could leave you whenever she wanted, so you'd better work hard at keeping her happy so that you can keep her as your girlfriend.

11. Don't worry about the girl's past, it's the future you're looking towards.

12. If you really love her, you'll accept her in no matter what.

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